Hi, my name is Don, but if you are here you probably already know that. You might also know me as Tharpa Champa, this is the name I was given when I converted to Buddhism some years back. I will tell you what it means later.

Around 2013 after reading “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed at the age of 48, I was so inspired that I decided to walk the Pacific Crest Trail (A journey on foot of 2650 miles from the Mexico border to the Canada Border though California, Oregon and Washington). However, I never made it, I never plucked up the courage to step out and just do it!

Fast forward 9 years, here I am, the week before my 56th birthday, my bones ache, I am overweight, have type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea, you could say that I am sitting around waiting of for my old age to begin. Or, say “the rot is already setting in”.

I have decided to not permit the march of time this early in my life, I am not going to “Go gently into that good night” I am going out kicking and screaming, but not for many years. I am herby resurrecting the dream of thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and want to share it with you. Perhaps as an inspiration to do something crazy yourself or, if your current circumstances do not permit you to do something so drastic in person, you are invited to walk with me in spirit.

Please bookmark this blog and come back regularly to see what is going on with my preparation, trek and beyond.

More to come…